European Weekly Horoscope : September 11th - September 17th, 2010

September 11th - September 17th, 2010

Legend: What the stars means
1star - hold on and be patient, changes will soon occur
2stars - your situation stabilizes and you can breathe a sigh of relief
3stars - big events are in store and you have decisions to make

Weekly weather forecast for the coming weeks: September 11 to September 17, 2010 ARIES Professional Experience: ** Target close to your heart seem like much, but Despair. You need to get some things in perspective and a less emotional access to career questions. Privacy: * An experience that offers the opportunity for you to deal with some the uncertainty. This is a time for mind over matter, so use your head and not your heart. Daily Life: *** Never one to be eager to help the world, will lose all inhibition and can really go when traveling. A distant Friendship will be even closer. ********** Your lucky numbers: 2, 12, 16, 42 Keyword for the week: Balance Your luckiest aspect this week: family ********** Who year: Gemini ************************************************** **** TAURUS Professional Experience: ** No wonder there's a smile on your face. Or at least it is when An unexpected gift, comes your way, allowing you to immediately meet on a whim or desire. Privacy: ** There are strong indications that you are in a more positive phase far as love goes. You can start getting rid of old uncertainties and Building relationships happy. Daily life: ** Home improvements do not mean just physical changes. You can also Changes in the atmosphere, the organization or your lighting conditions The living conditions and those of others. ********** Your lucky numbers: 3, 30, 52, 61 Keyword for the week: communication Your luckiest aspect this week: love ********** What time with: Virgo ************************************************** **** GEMINI Professional Experience: ** Misconceptions concerning the money will be considered and should find You make some radical decisions. There is plenty to do, but Your thoughts are somehow else. Privacy: ** You finally has a past, painful experience and a glimmer sunlight hits your chart. It is now time to move on to someone is willing to give you a great love and affection. Daily life: ** underestimated in times of need, do not support the Allies You. Although sometimes you may not see the eyes, the underlying These feelings are pure and generous. ********** Your lucky numbers: 9, 11, 42, 75 Keyword for the week: perseverance Your luckiest aspect this week: career ********** Who year: Capricorn ************************************************** **** Krebs Professional Experience: ** Your commitment to a current goal is admirable, but do not expect others You back at any time. They put too many things on ice and now its time to make things a little more balance. Privacy: ** Take part in social and cultural events. Although the benefits may not immediately becomes obvious is that in a good position for weeks to come. Memories of the past, may have recourse, as your body's defenses are down. Daily life: ** Some internal issues to be resolved prove. More Since you're at your best when confronted with a challenge, you relentless search for a solution and find it in the end. ********** Your lucky numbers: 7, 25, 68, 95 Keywords of the week: relaxation Your luckiest aspect this week: free time ********** Who year: Scorpio ************************************************** **** LEO Professional experience: * Some of the obstacles you currently face is self-inflicted. If you think long and hard, you'll notice that a personal dilemma is holding you back. Privacy: *** You may have to compromise on a difficult question. This will not be easy, but We have the luxury of not more for this long. Communication Problems occur and will probably lose your patience. Everyday life; Significant changes are underway and have difficulty to cope or adapt. This is just normal, and resistance to change is part of your nature. ********** Your lucky numbers: 4, 8, 18, 55 Keyword for the week: investments Your luckiest aspect this week: finances ********** Who year: Libra ************************************************** **** VIRGO Professional Experience: ** It's long been known only realized how good you really are be. There is always enough credit for your skills. Financial The design is a big problem and some changes would be a good idea. Privacy: *** Romantic tendencies to embrace you, but you're not quite sure how To continue. Just follow your heart. Do not be afraid of rejection, how are on track this time. Daily life: ** You are willing to dream, it can be fun, but can also help you lead The wrong way. Find the company of someone, the soil and help some firm decisions. ********** Your lucky numbers: 8, 16, 52, 57 Keyword for the week: apparently Your luckiest aspect this week: social life ********** Who year: Pisces ************************************************** **** LIBRA Professional Experience: ** You have much to do and you will be asked for certain favors. Although This can be very time consuming, should be fulfilled as soon as you feel helped from someone. Privacy: *** You may be surprised to see a friend acting strangely or selfish. There are more than at first glance. Send invitations or and organize trips, and load up some new members. Daily life: ** You have the sense to prove something to an elderly family member. This Person, no matter how far it may be, remains a source Pressure for you. ********** Your lucky numbers: 7, 18, 25, 63 Keyword for the week: discovery Your luckiest aspect this week: working relationships ********** Who year: Leo ************************************************** **** SCORPIO Professional Experience: ** Your bank account seems healthy, but a surprise around the corner could be Cause problems. Get ready for some more free money for preparing Worse. Other people do not share your sense of responsibility or Priority. Privacy: ** Your love life was certainly in a recession, and you're ready for some Enthusiasm. your powers of persuasion are at a peak. You can convince We recommend to make sure that you know what is best. Daily Life: *** A slight physical imbalance noteworthy is the system pays the price Food for overload or excessive. Do you have trouble finding support one of your projects. ********** Your lucky numbers: 0, 3, 13, 26 Keyword for the week: fantasy Your luckiest aspect this week: travel ********** Who at the time with: Aries ************************************************** **** SAGITTARIUS Professional Experience: *** If you want to progress professionally, you need to move round. Travelling wake energy and opens new doors Opportunities. Do not stick to reputable sites to visit. Privacy: ** You have to tie some loose ends at home. Let things around and not expect others to solve your problems. It is better Do you know where the journey, even though plans may change later. Everyday life; Family issues focus of traffic and others will ask you to take greater responsibility. Your mind is sharp, and you really brilliant when it comes to solving problems. ********** Your lucky numbers: 2, 19, 56, 74 Keyword for the week: Sharing Your luckiest aspect this week: friendship ********** Who year: Taurus ************************************************** **** Capricorn Professional Experience: *** Economic issues dominate your chart. It is time to try to persuade a Authority figure, you have what it takes for the job. Can some effort, but it will lead you in the right direction. Privacy: ** Decisions for your life is not my favorite thing you. I would rather bury our heads in the sand and wait until things change. Everyday life; You are a ray of sunshine to the lives of other people, even if not You say so quite often. Strike a good balance between work and play. Do not let money issues obscures what you really want to achieve. ********** Your lucky numbers: 9, 19, 26, 33 Keyword for the week: seduction Your luckiest aspect this week: Romance ********** What time with: Virgo ************************************************** **** AQUARIUS Professional experience: * your finances is to make a song and I can not really next week much better. Instead of crossing your fingers and hope things We must change request for a temporary loan. Privacy: *** The passion is high and there are some interesting experiences around. You But competitors have, and you need a special effort To avoid jealousy or deception. Daily life: ** We have a brave face to face, do you notice any other . They suffer, however, is not the solution. You must have the address The conflicts that cause trouble. ********** Your lucky numbers: 9, 11, 31, 52 Keyword for the week: Competition Your luckiest aspect this week: career ********** Who year: Cancer ************************************************** **** PISCES Professional experience: * Timing is important, so if you're on the road, you should avoid the peak Travel times. Try to plan in advance if you can combine business and Fun for a profitable journey. Privacy: *** Some major obstacles to leaving your mark, and finally we can Progress in personal plans for the future. You can create new bridges where the old burned. Everyday life; Tie up loose ends. Take the time to deal with many small but important Questions about the house. If you remove all this up, you can start a Great work. These conflicts will be resolved soon. ********** Your lucky numbers: 2, 20, 33, 63 Keywords of the Week: Organization Your luckiest aspect this week: home life ********** Who year: Libra