European Weekly Horoscope : September 4th - September 10th, 2010

September 4th- September 10th, 2010

Legend: What the stars means
1star - hold on and be patient, changes will soon occur
2stars - your situation stabilizes and you can breathe a sigh of relief
3stars - big events are in store and you have decisions to make

ARIES Professional Experience: *** You feel like driving long-term plans, which are quite understandable, but the economic problems must first be resolved. Take matters one step at a time. Privacy: *** If something is preying on his mind and cause you to be moody and angry, it is time to react. Talk to the person involved in this take by the hand. Everyday life; A friend or partner make a reckless move, which leaves me the most some doubts. Try not to judge by appearances, enter Person a second chance. ********** Your lucky numbers: 3, 4, 16, 25 Keyword for the week: Sharing Your luckiest aspect this week: social life ********** Who year: Taurus ************************************************** **** TAURUS Professional Experience: *** If things seem to be stagnant, or feel a little disappointed, it is Comes to your career back on track with professional advice and ask for support. Privacy: ** Your love life may be somewhat muted, partly because some questions from the past remain unresolved. You can feel overwhelmed - an ideal opportunity to do some threw themselves. Everyday life; Try not to rush decisions. You are in a transitional period needs time to digest before you venture into something new. Do not give pressure. ********** Your lucky numbers: 4, 19, 28, 36 Keyword for the week: meticulous Your luckiest aspect this week: personal dreams ********** Who year: Leo ************************************************** **** GEMINI Professional Experience: *** The world is yours and you want to do when they are doing Your money. Surprised? Will you do not know exactly what This is consistent. Privacy: * Your inner being is your number one priority, and if you're after around you will discover that others in the same mindset as you. Daily life: ** If you do not have what you need from a friend or loved one, then just take care. Do not just sit back and wait for others to respond. Need more Pressure. ********** Your lucky numbers: 7, 35, 54, 60 Keyword for the week: Timing Your luckiest aspect this week: money ********** Who year: Scorpio ************************************************** **** CANCER Professional Experience: ** Much has been achieved, but you can do to change your position if They want to know the people, how you doing. your finances are Suffer from a lack of consistency in your financial planning. Privacy: ** It is a great opportunity for love, time before it, and you seized them. You can earn so much and give to this issue. Daily life: ** It is time to start yourself and your own internal Prosperity despite freezing all your time and energy to others, or on professional matters. ********** Your lucky numbers: 2, 24, 31, 47 Keyword for the week: ambition Your luckiest aspect this week: Relationship ********** Who year: Leo ************************************************** **** LEO Professional Experience: *** As they say, money makes the rules of the world, but this does not mean that the whole world has to deliver the money. Take a break from the financial Worries and enjoy the finer things in life. Privacy: ** If this is a tough choice, see you follow your stars The heart and not his head. You are an adventure, and when a Obstacle ready to jump in a flash. Daily Life: *** Someone close to you is just screaming for love and attention. About People may be too busy to give it, but I have to do is try there for someone when needed most. ********** Your lucky numbers: 9, 19, 45, 62 Keywords of the Week: Introduction Your luckiest aspect this week: family ********** Who year: Aquarius ************************************************** **** VIRGO Professional experience: * You have that much to do and we must accept is a great task ahead, but not discouraged. Every time I try Take a break, more work just keeps accumulating in. Privacy: *** You can say things, but you will find that it is easy to get your views opposite. Others have trouble listening to you. attention span is limited. Everyday life; Do not let jealousy or ego on the ground and friendship in dealing plutonic relationship. You two have much in common, there is no reason Dispute over trifles. ********** Your lucky numbers: 3, 13, 51, 70 Keywords of the Week: Identification Your luckiest aspect this week: home life ********** Who year: Libra ************************************************** **** LIBRA Professional Experience: *** Although some might be postponed business plans (You can not do everything at once), while others are moving right along Some good news is expected. Privacy: * Whether you like your relationships or plutonium, it is good to know wherever you go. It is time to get to the bottom of a strange or confused relationship. Daily life: ** Friends ask for favors and you're happy to help, but not those are advantages. It's a balancing act, but you know how to Balancing. ********** Your lucky numbers: 2, 10, 21, 47 Keyword for the week: Compassion Your luckiest aspect this week: Romance ********** Who year: Cancer ************************************************** **** SCORPIO Professional experience: * Do not resist developments in relation to your finances. Only the GO flow and be sure to get down the right channel. your energy is down and needs to rest. Privacy: *** Close associates and lovers is uncooperative and you can end up is forces. Before losing patience, breathe deeply, let and try to calm the room. Daily life: ** Do not waste your energy, running around doing a lot and the hats in front of you People to use the positive atmosphere and try your brain Energy. ********** Your lucky numbers: 2, 21, 40, 58 Keywords of the week: confident Your luckiest aspect this week: finances ********** Who year: Gemini ************************************************** **** SAGITTARIUS Professional experience: * Find solutions to some ongoing problems will not be easy, but you can made a breakthrough when a page to sweep certain issues for the period And to deal only with the basics. Privacy: *** Some aquatic animals that make their influence felt and to be Swimming in a sea of happiness. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it unprecedented sense of freedom. Daily life: ** There may be some twists and turns, a home, but Do not let this get you down. This is only temporary storms, and The Sun is to arrive soon and shed new light on things. ********** Your lucky numbers: 2, 10, 15, 87 Keywords of the week: creativity Your luckiest aspect this week: friendship ********** Who year: Capricorn ************************************************** **** Capricorn Professional Experience: *** You are too far down a path that will ultimately lead to success. A Working on the project has any chance of success, is not it fall. Privacy: * A surprise will hit you off your feet when you decide on a balanced Detached approach to life. Stay calm and not get too involved in Details. Daily Life: *** You can not give everyone all the time, but you can give some People from some of the time. Share your energy and give better themselves. ********** Your lucky numbers: 9, 11, 17, 38 Keyword for the week: discovery Your luckiest aspect this week: career ********** Who year: Sagittarius ************************************************** **** AQUARIUS Professional experience: * Written communication is quick and can be filled with Messages. You can not process all together, to take things one at a Time. Privacy: *** Beware of the temptation that comes in the form of an obvious opportunity which is actually a bad market. We're very careful to provide any cash a second opinion. Daily life: ** Your social schedule was hectic, but now the planet is slowly things downwards, which will provide a welcome change. ********** Your lucky numbers: 2, 20, 37, 81 Keyword for the week: Tolerance Your luckiest aspect this week: love ********** Who year: Aries ************************************************** **** PISCES Professional Experience: ** When things start more intense, do not forget, you have your limits. You hard, if there are regular periods of rest to work. Privacy: *** Your love, come first in this, but have problems Passed to them. Conflict or misunderstanding arising in an affection Relationship. Everyday life; Some arguments simply can not win, and there is no shame retreat If you find that this is the only way this thing is brought to rest. Not to be pedantic to learn. ********** Your lucky numbers: 6, 19, 24, 37 Keyword for the week: conscientiousness Your luckiest aspect this week: Dating ********** What time with: Virgo