European Weekly Horoscope : August 28th - September 3rd, 2010

August 28th - September 3rd, 2010

Legend: What the stars means
1star - hold on and be patient, changes will soon occur
2stars - your situation stabilizes and you can breathe a sigh of relief
3stars - big events are in store and you have decisions to make

ARIES Aries Career: 3 Stars Decisions taken place the last week can now be applied, and you will find that they have paid to take some time to think and think. Privacy: 1star The long awaited moment is finally here, and we have the structure to be so long is that an anti-climax almost inevitable. Daily life: 2stars If you feel that the reductions of energy entering the room, your family, then it is time to move things. Change the position of furniture, renovate, alter the materials and colors. ********** Your lucky numbers: 9, 19, 81, 100 Keywords of the week: competitiveness luckiest aspect: Your Career ********** Who year: Taurus ************************************************** **** TAURUS Taurus Career: 1star Overcome your inhibitions and decide to act, because this is the right time for change in economic level. A journey within your professional Activity or your finances will be fruitful. Privacy: 2stars You are right to look for something deep and meaningful, but try to not enough things too seriously, or you could miss the end some great entertainment. Everyday life: 3 Stars Thanks to the world, will move to a new level of love and care for others to find a great source of love and generosity you Heart. ********** Your lucky numbers: 7, 17, 26, 51 Keyword for the week: Team spirit Your luckiest aspect: Industrial Relations ********** Who year: Pisces ************************************************** **** GEMINI Gemini Career: 2stars Do not allow obstacles to discourage you, as you run your career plans - this is only a tool to test your resolve. Privacy: 3 Stars It makes no sense to deny that there is love in your heart and you will see that assuming that emotion that will make peace with themselves and with others. Daily life: 2stars You should take some time for themselves, so make it a priority to spend time at your favorite hobby. Do not let your family pressure. ********** Your lucky numbers: 4, 24, 70, 81 Keyword for the week: Patience Your luckiest aspect: the relationship ********** Who year: Leo ************************************************** **** CANCER Cancer Career: 3 Stars Find time to deal with something so I can transfer to, or changing priorities and to deal with this issue is urgent. Privacy: 1star Remember your childhood dreams. Do not let fear of failure or frustration hold you back. The world is yours, and you should go for it. Everyday life: 3 Stars Now it's time to move forward with plans to keep your family at home more comfortable, relaxing and spacious. Arrange furniture to expand your space, add pillows and chairs for extra charm. ********** Your lucky numbers: 8, 24, 71, 83 Keyword for the week: communication Your luckiest aspect: family ********** Who year: Sagittarius ************************************************** **** LEO Lion Career: 2stars Everything is golden on economic issues, and you can turn your attention to important things like career decisions and property. Privacy: 2stars The luck is with you and brings you the ability to create an exciting meeting which will cut off your feet. You need to spend some time relaxing with friends. Daily life: 2stars You can be a temporary jump in energy, but this is really just a passing phase. Take a break from family responsibilities and recharge your batteries. ********** Your lucky numbers: 12, 25, 37, 81 Keywords of the week: honesty luckiest aspect: your ambitions ********** Who year: Cancer ************************************************** **** VIRGO Virgo Career: 2stars Things pile up and you feel like having four hands and two brains. Now - if you learn just to pass some more, then this is exactly what you want! Privacy: 2stars Control issues arise in your love life, and should be let go at first. Nor let others boss you around. This is a good time for friendship and companionship. Daily life: 2stars Pressure from a family member causing you some stress. Be yourself and let your friends see your side better. ********** Your lucky numbers: 5, 15, 24, 37 Keyword for the week: Curious Your luckiest aspect: Travel ********** Who year: Aquarius ************************************************** **** LIBRA Libra Career: 2stars Few barriers to economic cause you tension and find it difficult to get a clear answer. Do not feel guilty about the money, if you know it's for your own good. Privacy: 2stars This is a transition for you in matters of love, and you are now at a new level in your love life. These will evolve and change. This is a week to invest in you. Everyday life: 3 Stars This is an excellent time to deal with friendship and things in order. A new meeting was waiting for a social event. ********** Your lucky numbers: 8, 11, 35, 64 Keyword for the week: Danger Your luckiest aspect: Economics ********** What time with: Virgo ************************************************** **** SCORPIO Scorpio Career: 3 Stars Work piles up, but you can not take the pressure. You can work around the workload. If you really want to get ahead, but soon begins late at night to avoid too much fatigue. Privacy: 2stars Some aspects of your love life is declining, while other aspects of stagnation. This strange situation could be a few surprises. Everyday life: 3 Stars The tension is growing, and difficult decisions must be made. Your first Instinct is to flee, but this is not the answer and deeply know. The relocation, renovation and repair activities are good. ********** Your lucky numbers: 2, 9, 12, 35 Keywords of the week: honesty Your luckiest aspect: love ********** Who year: Capricorn ************************************************** **** SAGITTARIUS Sagittarius Career: 3 Stars While others in a hurry, without thinking, benefit, profit second thoughts and wonder why others do not follow the good advice you. Privacy: 2stars your time is better spent either alone or with which you love. Socializing with friends and acquaintances would only put an additional burden on your energy. Everyday life: 3 Stars Friends are busy or unavailable, and you have a tendency to draw family members for their support. Remember to choose carefully when deciding to trust in others. ********** Your lucky numbers: 3, 11, 25, 71 Keyword for the week: courage Your luckiest aspect: family ********** Who year: Gemini ************************************************** **** Capricorn Capricorn Career: 2stars Just because you remove your career is not to say that your bank account will follow immediately. This takes time, so hold back spending. Privacy: 3 Stars Have no doubt and hesitation mercy when it comes to love. Life is too short and like to have the opportunity to present a valuable one. Daily life: 1star Time with family allows you to reflect and realize that you have achieved a lot this year, but some of the New Year's resolutions are not affected. ********** Your lucky numbers: 7, 10, 26, 81 Keywords of the Week: Breakdown Your luckiest aspect: money ********** Who year: Libra ************************************************** **** AQUARIUS Aquarius Career: 2stars A conflict or contradiction is not resolved, but have tact and diplomacy you to pour oil on these troubled waters. Do not stir things up. Privacy: 2stars The planets are in motion, and uncertainty is banished. It is in good condition and ready, some requirements in personal relationships. Daily life: 2stars You feel like a break with the habit, change your routine and care. Spend time with friends, to strengthen ethics. ********** Your lucky numbers: 4, 17, 35, 81 Keyword for the week: Sharing Your luckiest aspect: friendship ********** Who year: Leo ************************************************** **** PISCES Fish Career: 1star Keep your eyes open when traveling and have an area you have so very little attention and to find where a major professional or economic opportunity is discovered. Privacy: 3 Stars Need your love life is a three star status and you will feel things pick up. Believe in yourself and others to respect their needs and your limitations. Daily life: 2stars Find people who can provide information about the family. I will do some research in the past and some interesting secrets are revealed. ********** Your lucky numbers: 0, 10, 23, 52 Keywords of the Week: Organization Your luckiest aspect: Home Living ********** Who year: Scorpio ************************************************** ****